About breed

Origin of the breed

Coton de Tuléar means actually Cotton from Toliara, a port city on the island of Madagascar. It is said that small white dogs got here after a shipwreck. They swam to land as the only survivors and are considered to be the ancestors of cotons. History dates this event to the 15th century. How much of this is true and how much a legend no one will ever know, but in any case, this little white clown on the island became so popular that for a time only the nobility were allowed to breed it. 

In 1971, the breed was recognized by the FCI. The breed standard can be found here https://www.fci.be/en/nomenclature/COTON-DE-TULEAR-283.html. zde.


Characteristic features

Coton is a social breed. He loves his family and wants to be close to them. He is very adaptable, able to adapt very well to the lifestyle of his people. He is temperamental, playful and cheerful. He also loves the company of dogs, so many of us did not stay with one dog, but after a while got him a partner (sometimes not just one). It's easy to fall for them, thanks to the combination of their temperament, nature, size and coat, that is literally anti-depressant.


It is good to start it already with the breeder, in a playful manner, calmly, certainly without shouting and punishments. Cotons are very perceptive, sensitive, and also very smart and docile. They like to work and have fun - playful training is fun and rewarding for them.


There can be a lot of them - from basic training, through hoopers and agility, dog dancing, many cotons really enjoy presenting themselves at shows, to canisterapistery, for which they have a suitable nature and size.  mnohé bavlnky opravdu baví se předvádět na výstavách, až po canisterapii, pro kterou mají vhodnou povahu i velikost.

Boon Jewell Joy from Pilsen


It is one of the basic breeding traits. It feels like cotton. It does not shed, but she needs to be cared for. It is important - it protects against heat in summer and against cold in winter. In order to perform this function, it must be combed. It is self-cleaning. If the cot gets dirty, it is usually enough to brush it. Nevertheless, we cannot do without regular bathing, dirty and dusty fur does not grow, it breaks and itches. The critical period for most owners occurs around one year, when the puppy's coat changes to an adult coat. If the owner can bridge this period, he has won - a quality, mature and intact coat is much easier to maintain. Our kennel will not leave you alone - we will be happy to guide you through the entire period and help you with everything as much as we can. And you will receive basic instructions for the initial period from us when you receive your puppy, including the first necessary shampoos and brushes.