About us

Dogs have been in my life for thirty years. As a child I loved dachshunds, for their independent nature and pride, but my dream of having a dog came true only in adulthood. And I only got to start exhibiting with my first coton Boon (Boon Jewel Joy from Pilsen) whom I got in 2015. 

Two years later, I brought my first little dog girl Pippsi (Vendia Cotons Mississippi Kisses) and started dreaming about breeding. Unfortunately, covid made it a bit more complicated and prolonged the time for my dream to come true. In spite of complicated covid situation, Riva (River Diamond du Castel de la Roche aux Fees). 

Ludmila Schaferová
Ludmila Schaferová a Pippsi

Our pack also includes the foundling Max, a bit "dachshund", a bit "Vendez basset". He found me once on Facebook, we picked him up in a shelter and he has been with us for over ten years. He is easy-going and nice, loved naturally by everyone who meets him.

My pack lives with my family, in our house with a garden on the west side of Prague. We enjoy showing, but we don't hesitate to go also for various trainings, do agility runs, take care of well-being at dog fitness, train obedience and do many other activities. 

We really like to meet our coton friends - we can see how happy our dogs are in a big pack and we always enjoy it together with them.