Vendia Cotons Mississippi Kisses


Born 08.06.2017 in Denmark,
bred by Emilie a Catherine Andersen.

Pippsi, a gentle and fragile princess, who, however, deceives with her body. Although she is the smallest, she rules the whole pack - with an innocent lovely expression, gently, elegantly, but uncompromisingly. She doesn't have to enforce authority. Just one look of „a shy doe“, and they all know what is expected of them. She is the one who raises the puppies, teaching them how to behave properly in the pack. Calm, relaxed, balanced in character. From an early age, she has been a dragon princess full of energy, an incredible partner for exhibitions, that she enjoys a lot, performing amazingly with a lot of attitudes. Excellently built, graceful and elegant in movement.




C. I. B
Champion ČMKU ČMKU
CZ - SK Grand Champion
CZ - SK Champion
CZ - SK Junior Champion
SK Puppy Champion
CZ - SK Club Champion
CZ - SK Club Junior Champion
Club Winner SK - 2019
Club Junior Winner CZ - 2018 

National Winner CZ CZ
Open Slovakia Dog Cup 2019
Open Slovakia Dog Cup 2020
Slovak Show Champion
Slovak Super Grand Champion
III. BIS Junior BKS 2018
2 x BIS Honour Class BKS 2021
Coton of the Year by Cotonland MIMI 2017
Coton of the Year by Cotonland BOJ 2018
Coton of the Year by Cotonland BOB 2019