Boon Jewell Joy from Pilsen


Born 9. 10. 2015 in the Czech Republic, bred by Bohunka Hajšmanová.

My first coton. In addition to the unusual (in our country) name Boon, he has many nicknames, such as Budulínek (a fairy tale boy), Mr. Cuddly, and many others. He is an agile little boy with a big heart. You can see his mom Amy "worked" as a canine therapist - he cuddles powerfully and loves to cuddle. Being always in a good mood, he welcomes every visitor with a roar, but on the other hand he carefully protects his little doggie girls. When the puppies are born in our house, he watches over the pen with a sharp eye and is ready to defend the mother and the offsprings from anyone.

But nothing beats his desire to play when the babies are about 5 weeks old and ready to run a race with him. He turns into a sidekick who teaches them all sorts of tricks so that they don't get lost in their life.



Champion ČMKU ČMKU
CZ-SK Grand Champion
CZ-SK Champion
CZ-SK Klubový Šampion
CZ-SK Club Champion
CZ-SK Junior Champion
SK Puppy Champion

Open Slovakia Dog Cup 2018
BIS Junior KrVP/2016
Coton of the Year by Cotonland BOB/2018
JuniorHandling Winner by Cotonland 2016, 2018